VAR(Vastu Analysis Report)

1.Vastu Based Planning of  Home on Open Plot.

Position of Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Entrance, Drawing Room, 

Dining Room, Pooja Room, Study Room, Water

 tank, Orientation of Entrance ,Orientation of Water flow)  

2.Interior Planning with Element Balancing.

   Light, Colours, Artifacts, Mirrors, Cupboard, Gas  

    Stove, Sink)

3.Energy Balancing of Flat,Shop,Office.

  (Installation of charged Pyramids by Pyravastu Expert)

4. Vastu-Dosh Correction of Constructed House, Workplace

    Without Demolitions.(By Charged Pyramids)

5.Vastu-Dosh Correction for Under Construction House,

   Workplace (By installing charged Pyramids under Floor,

   Center, Corner) 

6.Plot Selection and Bramhasthal Activation.

7.New Flat,Office,Shop Selection.

8.Planning on open plot for Offices and industries with

    respect  to  Vastu.

NAR(Numerological Analysis Report)

A) Business Planning  

# Business Development Plan w.r.t your Numerological

   Analysis Report (NAR).

·       Chose suitable Name of Company.

·       Harmony in your Company Name & Your name.

·       Auspicious Number for  your Vehicle, Mobile.

·       Auspicious Dates, Days, Months, to do important work.

·       Partnership name Harmony.

·       Yantras, Auspicious Symbols, Pyramids  for growth of your Business

B)For Overall Development by understanding the life  

path and its blue print by numerology.

·       Name Harmony

·       Auspicious Days, Dates, Months for doing important work.

·       Suitable Gem, Metal, Colour.

·       Items to be Donate

·       Fast and Worship

·       Yantra and Mantra

·       Relationship status

·       Career

·       Current year

·       Wellness Strengthening

·       Remedies and Recommendation

C) Wellness depends on diet, routine and planning.

Health Analysis Report(HAR) in NAR is a Report Card based on Numerology by which Wellness Strengthening can be done, by knowing your core area of energy via Gunas, temperament ,elements, binding energy. By this you can plan your diet, workout and daily routine This will help you to take care of your body and protect self from diseases.

Recommendation ,treatment and balancing of five sheath of body is also mention in HAR for your wellness planning.


Solution for 

Personal Problems

Education of children  

Career Planning

Memory and Concentration

 Vehicle safety

(by NAR,Pyramid,Pyracard)

Continuous Wellness Planning and Self-Awareness lead to Good Health .

You can do it yourself at home  by introducing certain things we provide.

·       Meditation Technique and Kit.

·       Yoga Kit and List of Yoga aashan that suits you.

·       Acupressure Tools (DIY)

·       Mantras For Peace and Happiness.