About us

Our company “SHREEPYRA CONSULTANCY” give consultancy in various field via Numerology and Vastu .

We solved many cases with the  help of Numerology and Vastu.

Every case was an experiment for us.

We did lots of experiment, experience the change, got the results,

this gave us confidence in this field.

Now we confidently solve cases and deliver result to our clients.

You can also take your case as experiment, let us solve it, experience the change and see the result.


a)Our services drive you towards growth, positivity.

b)You are able to achieve success in business, Career,

    education, and all field of your life .

c)You will have everything in abundance .

d)You will feel content

e)You will have good health.

SHREEPYRA  CONSULTANCY is in report making via numerology & VASTU.

  • Vastu (Energy in surrounding)

  • NAR (Your Number in Your Hand)

  • Wellness (self-help  for wellness

  • strengthening)