A Complete Balance of Zone, Aspiration & Elements via Numerology and Vastu

Universal Energy is always ready to help us, we block this universal energy to reach us.Once you believe in universal energy present around, it will start helping you.

If there is a balance of energy and elements in you and in your surroundings ,the block that is created by you knowingly or unknowingly will be removed.

Balance of Five Elements around a person and in the zone creates an environment of helpful positive energy, which help the person unite his mind with his intelligence, allowing him to take right decisions in life at the right time.

We help you to

Ø Tune ~ Your breath

Ø Unify ~ Your mind and intelligence

Ø Develop ~ Positivity in your surroundings

Ø Listen ~ To your inner voice, enjoy the silence

Ø Eat ~ A balance DieT



We are ready to help those who believe in self and the universal energy present around.

Balancing of five elements help in balancing energy in you.  

Balancing of energy helps you to move smoothly in life.

Balancing of Energy is a must to enhance Positive Energy.

As it is known that following complement each other

Energy ~ Matter

Sky ~ Earth

Shiv ~ Shakti

Soul ~ Body

Tat ~ Sat

Tai ~ Chi


# We help you to balance the energy in your life via Vastu, Numerology , Yoga and Ayurveda

# There is nothing that makes you more powerful than self-awareness by knowing about your surroundings and your numbers.

# We help you to find the direction towards success, progress, growth, by taking right decision at right time.

Online Vastu report and Numerology report-just a click away.

  1. Vatsu analysis report (Energy in surrounding)

  2. Numerological analysis report (Your UNDERSTANDING WITH SELF-INNER ENERGY)

  3. Wellness (self-help  for wellness strengthening)




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