Learn to live, by the way of Nature

Plants and Tree grow according to their capability. They don’t look at each other, for how tall, thick other are growing, they never compare it. How many flower, fruits, they give, they never count. They never see who is taking their flowers and fruits, wood, and what purpose they are using it.They just grow day by day.

Human being should not compare their ability with other, they should not worry, who is benefited more or less by them, how much other is contributing, how much other are doing. If this ability we will inbuilt in us, we will also grow.

If cow giving milk is compare with money we earn, in such case, it will be very helpful to understand. You use milk as much as you can, you store it in form of curd, paneer, powder, but to one limit, same your earning you used it for your wants, save it at some extend, but don’t store it, invest it in good cause.

So don’t think much, live your life and enjoy.

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