Ask question to yourself. What you are doing, why you are doing. Have a silence and listen to your inner voice.
Oh! You hear some voice. It is of your grandmother, grandfather … teaching.

Then you hear voice of your father mother, son, daughter, friend, neighbor…..
……. critics …… so many voices inside you crowded….

In this are you able to find your voice….? You forgot your voice that comes from Inside. It’s so crowded inside that you don’t recognize your voice.

This is because you were not given a freedom to listen to yourself, instead were asked to be followed as other says. This deprive you to take self-decision.

Nobody told you to listen, your inner voice and do the things. This creates confusion in you about inner voice and voice and, so voice of many people lives in you and you hear them and follow.

Now it’s time to say good bye to all other voice, who lead you with their experience.

Better listen to your voice, experience it, and take new situation, with full new consciousness.

So look to the mirror and say loudly present sir…., means you are present in this moment and will do, as your inner voice will guide you.

This way you will feel happy and positive.

You will live moment to moment and find true meaning of life.

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