Develop A Positive CULTURE – By Mind Development.

De-cluttering your mind is not an easy job. You have made a reel of your life in your mind, which is not helping you, then first thing you do is remove that reel, make a new perception.
This cannot be done at sudden, but by practice. As you learn driving and practice, as you practice sports, cooking…. Same you need practice for mind development.
Practice Meditation, think about beautiful things, chant regularly, feel a positive energy around. This all will train your mind get clean and become flexible.
You clean your mind from unwanted thought, worries, bad memories, as you clean daily your body, home, laptop, and mobile. Create space, so that something new and nice comes in.
As you delete unwanted message from your mobile, same delete bad memories from your mind also. You charge your mobile battery, same charge your mind by motivation, yoga: make this practice daily and see the change.
You will feel a development in your mind, which control your thought, emotion, your body action and activities. You will improve upon your health also so do Re-Engineering of your mind…..start now.

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